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Call for Proposals

Calgary Family Therapy Centre’s 50th Anniversary Conference

August 16th -20th, 2023 at Calgary, Alberta

Hello! We invite you to share your work at the Calgary Family Therapy Centre’s 50 th Anniversary Conference Bringing Forth Generativities Within Relational Disquiet! We are looking forward to hearing about your generative activities. Ideally, your presentation will relate to the conference theme described below.

In distinguishing disquiet, we are pointing to passionate differences that arise spontaneously among us as human beings. How such differences are managed make a huge difference in terms of outcome. Differences can become extremely divisive and problematic but at other times they can be channeled into remarkable creativity. Rather than trying to evade such disquiet, we intend to befriend it in ways that opens space to bring forth relational preferences at a variety of levels. This conference will focus on different kinds and sources of relational disquiet and how systemic family therapy practitioners might enable its potential generativity, a generativity that promotes healing and wellness, and also aims towards the kinds of collaboration that adds liveliness to life.


******The call for proposals is now CLOSED******

Please note: if your proposal is accepted, all presenters must be registered with full fees paid prior to posting your title and abstract on the website of the conference program.

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